Logitech Goes Retro With Massive 8-Bit Wall Display Of 160 G810 Gaming Keyboards

What’s better than a single Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard? 160 of them of course! And that’s exactly what was on display at PAX East 2016, where Logitech had on a display of G810 keyboards that were connected together to form what was affectionately known as the Great Wall of Logitech G.

Production company iam8bit purposefully laser-etched each keyboard’s the keys to allow more light to shine through, thus giving us all a great opportunity to witness this massive 10ft x 15ft 8-bit display (10 rows, 16 columns) which was used to not only showcase images, but also messages to show attendees. But perhaps the most impressive demo, however, was a video short of a side-scrolling shooter game that is inspired by EarthBound.

Logitech Keyboard Wall

Each individual RGB LED key on the G810 is customizable, and the 160 keyboards combined provided 18,400 points of light for the showcase.

As we mentioned in our full-blown PAX East 2016 write-up, the Great Wall of Logitech G was a six-month-long endeavor that was the brainchild of Logitech G VP and GM Ujesh Desai and programmed with the help of Kent Suzuki from Right Brain. Needless to say, the Great Wall of Logitech G was one of the more popular attractions at the show, which played right into Logitech’s hand — what better way to shows the capabilities of its premier gaming keyboard that to have it on display in front of tens of thousands of deep-pocketed gamers?

To see the Great Wall of Logitech G in action, check out our video below: