Logitech Expands Harmony Remote Line with Two New Clickers

If you've been shopping for a home theater remote, there's a good chance Logitech's Harmony line made it on your list of candidates, right up until you took a peek at the price tag. At its most expensive, Logitech's flagship model runs a hair under $400, putting it out of reach of Joe Six-Pack.

Good news, cheapskates. Logitech today announced a pair of Harmony clickers priced more in the mainstream. Both the Harmony 600 and Harmony 650 stay under the $100 mark without giving up too many features.

"Why have one remote for the TV, one for the DVR, one for your DVD player, and one for you A/V deck? asked Ashish Arora, vice president and general manger of Logitech's digital home group. "A Logitech Harmony remote brings it all together, making entertainment fun and simple for you, your family, and anyone who picks up the remote."

The Logitec Harmony 600 keeps things fairly simple with a backlit monochrome display, while the Harmony 650 kicks things up an otch with a color screen and icons for both your favorite channels and for common commands. Both models replace up to six remotes and support more than 250,000 home entertainment devices from over 5,000 brands, Logitech says.

So what's the damage? The Harmony 600 will hit your wallet to the tune of $79.99, while the Harmony 650 carries and MSRP of $99.99. Both models are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe later this month.