Logitech Unveils Spotlight Remote To Add Life To Presentations And Enable More Natural Control

For anyone that has begrudgingly sat through a PowerPoint presentation against your will (that should be all of us), the act can be just as much of a downer for the person doing the presenting as it is for a glossy-eyed audience. The folks at Logitech, however, are looking to take some of the monotony out of traditional presentations with the unveiling of the new Spotlight Presentation Remote that also delivers some slick controls and features for maximum presentation impact.
High Resolution Spotlight BTY 3

Logitech hopes that Spotlight will install confidence in its handler, allowing you to both magnify and highlight on-screen content to engage viewers, very much like its namesake suggests. The remote works from a distance of up to 100 feet and tramples old school laser pointers by providing the ability to work like a mouse cursor. This allows you to easily open links, enlarge pictures, and initiate videos. More importantly, the cursor movements are visible to both a live audience and those viewing the presentation remotely. And it does so without line of site connectivity required, along with auto-centering algorithms that ensure the presenter is quite literally always on point and squarely on the screen.

Logitech Spotlight Remotes

Logitech Spotlight App

Accompanying Spotlight is an app that allows you to toggle a pointer mode, set timed vibration alerts, use hand gestures for volume and other controls. Logitech also promises to unlock new functionality with the app in the future.

Spotlight can connect to a computer via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. Spotlight also charges over USB, with Logitech stating that a one-minute charge is good enough for up to three hours of use (so, you now don't have an excuse for the battery on your remote dying).

Spotlight Remote and Dongle

The Spotlight Presentation Remote is currently available for $130 direct from Logitech or from Apple. Wider availability through additional retailers will come in March.