Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam Gives You Room to Roam

That’s one more cut cord. Logitech announced its new Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam today, which it’s targeting at people who want to stream video live or need to place the Broadcaster in a location that a corded webcam can’t reach. The Broadcaster supports Ustream live streaming and can do some neat tricks with your MacBook and iMovie. The catch? Broadcaster is only compatible with Macs at the moment.

The Broadcaster offers HD 720p video capture and has 3x digital zoom. It also supports digital pan & tilt. An external mic jack gives you the option to use your own if you don’t like the built-in mono mic. As for battery life, Logitech estimates that it’ll last about two hours.

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

You can use the Broadcaster by itself, or you can record with it and your MacBook’s webcam simultaneously. If you do that, you can use iMovie to stitch your videos together. The benefit is that you can get two angles at once. You can do something similar with Skype – you can’t send both video feeds at once, but you can toggle between your built-in and the broadcaster, which could be handy.

Broadcaster On Its Case

The Broadcaster also supports your iPad or iPhone, so you can preview video on your mobile device before sending it to Ustream, for example. This would be an interesting addition to Logitech’s Windows-compatible lineup, but Logitech said today in its blog comments that it’s not commenting “on future updates at the moment.” The Broadcaster will be available this month for $199.99. Logitech is taking preorders on its site.