Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 Offer Sleek Wireless Design For Streaming Your Ultrabook

Logitech is going for a certain look and feel with its Z600 Bluetooth stereo speakers, which is to say that it’s trying for a sleek, high-end-looking product that matches the luster of ultrabooks. (Especially MacBooks, it would seem.)

The twin speakers are quite fetching, with graceful curves and a long, tall stance. They’re sort of an aluminum-white in color, with speaker grills covering most of the outside and a white stripe down one side that contains the power button, Bluetooth button, and 3.5mm input. The flat top offers a volume control that you can manipulate by gliding your finger in a circle.

Logitech Bluetooth Z600 stereo speakers

The Z600 speakers will work with up to three devices simultaneously--just press pause on one and play on another to alternate--and if a device doesn’t have Bluetooth built in, you can add the capability with the included USB Bluetooth transceiver (or use the 3.5mm jack to connect directly).

It remains to be seen if the Z600s sound as good as they look, but we wouldn’t mind having these puppies on our desk or out back on the deck or patio. The speakers will be available in the U.S. and Europe in August and will cost $149.99.