Logitech Adds 'Linux Compatible' Option to Product Site; Sign of Good Things to Come?

As rich as the Linux OS is, one of its sticking-points is that a lot of companies don't properly support their products for it. Your Logitech mouse might work just fine under the OS, of course, but it wouldn't be the company to thank; rather, the support comes from the efforts of developers who share the same passion for the OS as you do. My ASUS Xonar audio card works brilliantly under Linux, but ASUS had nothing to do with it.

But are things going to be soon changing? With Steam finally being offered to Linux gamers, it seems now more than ever the OS is starting to get the respect that it's long deserved. While I never doubted that gaming under Linux would become bigger at some point, the introduction of Steam, to me, is going to prove pivotal to the platform.

So with gaming under Linux becoming more popular, will peripheral makers finally step up to the plate and begin crafting proper Linux companion software? Thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at RootGamer, there does seem to be a chance. If you hit up Logitech's mice product page, you'll notice a "Linux compatible" option to the left. At the current time, that avails a single result; the M185.

While a bit laughable to some degree, it is a good sign. One of the biggest wants I've heard from new users giving Linux a go is the lack of such software, and while Logitech still isn't offering any for this specific model, it could happen. If it does, it's going to be a rather major Linux event. If Logitech does it, others might as well.