Logitech Acquires TT Design Labs After Hitting It Big On Kickstarter

Looking for something new from Logitech? How about something via one of the companies it just acquired? In what can only be seen as a sign that Kickstarter has major staying power, Logitech has just acquired a company that first saw the light of day via a crowdfunding mission. TT Design Labs is just a two-person operation, but they had good enough ideas to attract major attention from Logitech, one of the world's most notable peripheral makers. Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorinia began developing TidyTilt less than two years ago, and they launched their eventual product on Kickstarter.

The initial project focused on solving the issue of tangled earbud cords that countless smartphone users regularly experience, and it exceeded its funding goal by 2000%. Now, those innovations will be coming with a Logitech label. Consumers can now pre-order the TidyTilt and JustMount from Logitech, and just think -- perhaps your Kickstarter project will end in an acquisition. Clearly that's possible now!