Location-Aware Wi-Fi To Make Fans A Part Of The Show, Find Beers And Dogs For You

The in-stadium experience has become a selling point for venues, and there’s a new technology available designed to make it even better. UK-based Mobbra has a special WiFi technology called Massivity that’s both aware and can also handle massive (ah, hence the name) numbers of devices at once (about 500 per access point) without the normal congestion that WiFi access points suffer from.

Massivity, coupled with Fangage, can deliver all sort of real-time goodies for fans in seats at sports stadiums and concerts. For example, users could get deals on snacks and drinks, get instant replays beamed right to their phones, get audio commentary to go with the game, and so on.

Mobbra Massivity

NewScientist said that the experience could go beyond that, though, noting that the tech can use the LED flash on fans’ phones to create wild in-stadium effects, almost as if each phone were a pixel in a huge screen.

The Massivity technology is still patent pending, so Mobbra is light on those details, but the Fangage apps for iOS and Android are coming yet this month.

These sorts of--for lack of a better term--augmented reality technologies are coming to the fore. Mobbra’s offerings could, for example, be used in tandem with Google’s Project Tango environmental 3D mapping or Philips’ intelligent in-store lighting systems to create an immersive, content-rich personalized user experience anywhere you go.

Or, of course, it could all just be seen as terribly invasive and annoying, too.