LizardSquad DDoS Hacker Group Reportedly Busted And Exposed

Lizard Squad has been on a DDoS attack rampage for the past couple of weeks with Sony’s PlayStation Network, Blizzard’s, League of Legends, and NCSoft all succumbing to its attacks with Twitch being its latest target. However, it appears that Lizard Squad’s activities may be curtailed if reports are true.

The FBI has been hunting down the person, or persons, responsible not only for the DDoS attack but the grounding of a plane when the group tweeted a false bomb threat as well. The group came into the spotlight by claiming responsibility on its Twitter account and announcing its targets.

Lizard Squad’s activities also attracted the attention of a group called Activist Revolution which has claimed to have uncovered the identities of Lizard Squad members and posted screenshots of Lizard’s supposed Tinychat conversations via its Twitter account.

I can Keep doing this all night U guy are too stupid to even see me plain as day @LizardSquad

Whether the result of Activist Revolution’s interest, or the FBI, Lizard Squad tweeted that some of its members had been arrested saying, “Looks like the feds have got Komodo and Iguana now. I think I’m next. Good luck FBI.”

A message on Lizard Squad’s website then announced that the group is disbanding, “We proved that even though we are little in this very big world, that a small group of friends who work together can cause a lot of havoc without legal repercussions. Today we will be disbanding behing the green reptiles and other bullshit, we have lives believe it or not, things to do, people to meet. Goodbye.”

Whether or not members of Lizard Squad have been arrested has yet to be officially confirmed by the FBI or any other government agency. At the very least, the group may have disbanded. However, the lack of DDoS attacks from now on will be the only factor to determine if this is even true. 

What do you think of the whole affair? Do you approve of Lizard Squad's actions and its reasons for doing it? Or were you annoyed over the entire ordeal?