Lizard Squad Member Involved In Xbox Live, PSN Hacks Nabbed By UK Police

The DDoS attacks that brought down Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network on Christmas Day did not sit well with consumers. But while Kim Dotcom attempted to resolve the issue by giving members of Lizard Squad, the group responsible for the DDoS attacks and looking to profit from its DDoS tool, 3,000 lifetime premium Mega accounts, there are many who wish that the members would be caught. Well, it appears that UK Police took a member of the group into custody.

British law enforcement agents arrested 22-year-old Vinnie Omari, a self-professed member of Lizard Squad, on Monday when officials raided his home. The raid was confirmed by Omari who spoke to the Daily Dot, and provided a photo of the search warrant, and said, “They took everything. Xbox One, phones, laptops, computer, USBs, etc.”

Dead Lizard
Image Credit: Flickr (Jo Naylor)

The arrest was confirmed by the Thames Valley Police in a press release that didn’t name Omari, but stated that he was arrested “on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offences.” Since the arrest, Omari has been released on bail until March 10, which is the date of his first hearing in Surrey. The alleged Lizard Squad member went on to say that no charges have been filed and that he’ll “know more when the forensics team gets info.”

In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into another alleged Lizard Squad member known as “ryan” or ryanc” in connection to the attacks on Xbox Live and PSN.