Lizard Squad's Nefarious Antics Continue With Release Of $6 DDoS Attack Tool

Lizard Squad has been in the news quite a bit during 2014, and never for a great reason. Just this past week, the so-called 'hacker' group took down both Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation online services, and backed off to some extent when Internet legend and Mega founder Kim Dotdom intervened. Finally, after a handful of days offline, the services came back earlier this week.

You might think that after causing that mess and putting a serious damper on many holidays, Lizard Squad would take a little break. I mean, at least until 2015? Nope! As 2014 comes to a close, the group has decided to unveil a service that will make any website or online service operator cringe: a paid DDoS service.

Lizard Squad DDoS Packages

A DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attack represents a Web server being flooded with packets from many different sources, so as to knock it offline. Usually, these attacks target more than one server, and more than one person is often involved - the more, the merrier, when the goal is to be as effective (and annoying) as possible.

For Lizard Squad, the launch of such a service doesn't come as too much of a surprise, given that DDoSing has historically been the group's favorite activity, and unfortunately, the prices are not exactly high enough to put it out of the reach of most people. For a mere $6, you can take down a website for 100 seconds, while for $130, you could extend that to 8 hours.

Because of the super-shady nature of this service, Lizard Group is only accepting Bitcoin for payments. And, as the above tweet highlights, the group expects others to mimic its own attacks.

No one could blame you if you thought that this service was more of a joke or statement-maker than anything, but the group seems to be taking it very seriously. It's even going as far as to offer discounts if you refer people to its service, and it also has a number of add-ons available to make that "stresser" even more effective.

Oy. Let's hope very little actually becomes of this.