Live interview with Jason Fried, Founder / CEO of 37 Signals

HP is hosting a live chat tomorrow with Jason Fried, the founder of the web design firm 37 Signals, via its INPUT | OUPUT website. Participants are able to interact with Jason and ask questions through Twitter. If you're interested in participating, the details for the event are below.

What: Live interview with Founder / CEO, Jason Fried, 37 Signals

When: Thursday, July 22 @ 11 AM PST/ 2PM EST

Where: Site - INPUT | OUTPUT (please submit your questions and comments from this site on the day of the interview)

Topic: "New Marketing in the New Normal"

"The modern workplace is evolving – everything from the physical layout, management practices and the tech-driven tools that are now indispensible to keeping your workforce happy and most importantly, productive."

Jason Fried is the founder of a web design company 37 Signals. While his main product is software, he is perhaps just as well known for his perspective on the optimal workplace.  He’s been very vocal about the inefficiencies of the typical workplace (like it’s designed to allow for distractions) and has quite a few commonsense ways to fix it. However, those ideas were originally intended for small and medium businesses – what would he suggest to enterprise level businesses?