Live Intel Bay Trail Demo Shows Silvermont Core Architecture Smokes Previous Gen Atom

Intel is making a play for a bigger chunk of the mobile market, and although ARM says that it’s a generation ahead of Intel’s Atom (on smartphones, at least), Intel showed off its 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture and new Atom (Bay Trail) tablet platform and demonstrated a substantial generational performance increase. (Hit up our coverage of Silvermont/Bay Trail here.)

Clover Trail and Clover Trail+ aren’t even a year old yet, but Bay Trail, which Intel says will be in consumer devices by the end of the year, blows them out of the water in terms of performance.

Bay Trail demo

In a live demo hosted by Intel’s Hermann Eul Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager of Mobile & Communications Group, Intel Corporation, Intel showed a Bay Trail tablet catch up to pass a Clover Trail tablet in a benchmark. (Video of the live demo is here; skip ahead to about the 33-minute mark.)

Bay Trail demo

Intel promises a substantial performance upgrade over not just its own previous generation of Atom, but also the mysterious “Clover Trail Competitor A” and “Clover Trail Competitor B”, as you can see in the above image. Bay Trail is packing Intel Gen 7 graphics, which supports DX11,full HD resolutions, and a 3x graphics performance gain over Clover Trail. Note below the difference in GLBenchmark and 3DMark “Ice Storm” tests.

Bay Trail demo

There’s clearly a bit of marketing spin coming from ARM and Intel about their new mobile offerings, but both believe they have chips that are faster and more powerful than ever.

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