Fully Functional Apple Lisa 1 Computer Lands on eBay With $65,000 Asking Price

Apple is a computing and electronics behemoth today, but the company started off much more modestly. Some of its very early computers were handmade and are very rare and valuable today. Last summer, an Apple I computer went up for auction and was expected to bring at least $300,000. Another rare early Apple computer has turned up on eBay, and this one is a Lisa 1 computer that is in working condition.

lisa 1 sys

The machine is said to be in working order and one of about 30 devices known to exist today. It boots to LISA OS v1.0 from an external Profile disk drive. The machine does include a pair of Twiggy floppy disc drives, which the seller says haven't been tested and no Twiggy floppies are included with the machine. This specific Lisa 1 computer is serial number #B08B8323000321, Applenet # 00103014, and was manufactured August 18, 1983.

lisa 1 back

Other parts included with the sale include a working 5MB Profile HDD, Lisa 1 faceplate with anti-glare screen filter, working Lisa 1 keyboard with original pull-out cards, and a working Apple Lisa mouse. All the power and data cables needed to run the machine are included in the sale. The Lisa OS 1.0 operating system is installed on an external Profile HDD. Software running on the Profile HDD include LisaWrite, LisaDraw, LisaCalc, LisaList, LisaGraph, LisaProject, and Lisa Terminal.

lisa 1 profile
lisa 1 inside

The seller promises that the machine is in good condition, but does have minor scratches and scuffs. The seller says that the machine is sold as-is, but can be demonstrated as working to a serious buyer who wants to pick it up in person. The machine isn't running on an auction; instead, it is a Buy it Now listing at $65,000 plus $350 shipping.