Linux's Coexistence with Windows

XYZ Computing's EIC, Sal Cangeloso (yet another tech editor whose name ends in a vowel), has posted an editorial regarding the future of Linux's coexistence with Windows. I don't use Linux regularly, but I have experimented with a handful of popular distros just to keep on top of the technology.  If more people did the same, I suspect Linux's market share would be much higher because it is definitely a powerful alternative to Windows.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens when Vista ships, however.  If (and that's a big if) Microsoft delivers on its promises with Vista, some of the main reasons for switching to Linux could be somewhat nullified...

"All too often the desktop operating system market is looked upon as some sort of epic struggle between Microsoft and Linux. This "versus" mentality is fun to perpetuate but it is not at all helpful and increased interaction between the two would certainly help everyone involved. No one is expecting cooperation just yet, but a mannerly coexistence is certainly in order. This article goes over some reasons why it should happen and why, one day, it will."


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