Linux Is It's Own Enemy, Seagate 400GB External HD, and more!

Hey folks, I hope you're enjoying the weekend. Tomorrow is Fathers day, so don't forget! Anyway, we got some good reviews for you tonight, including a look at Seagate's 400GB External USB HD! Oh yeah, and there is this little whisper going around about a security breach that affects over 40 million credit cards. Goodnight :)

Linux Is It's Own Enemy @ CoolTechZone

"If you have ever visited a Linux support forum, the very first thing you will notice are the massive number of threads with questions similar to, "What Linux distribution should I use?" or "What is the best distribution for me?" Since these questions are asked by those who are unfamiliar with the open-source operating system and are possibly curious about it, do you ever wonder why that's the scenario? It's indeed very simple."

C-Systems CSP-MAG 12 VDC Water-cooling Pump @ Systemcooling

"The C-Systems CSP-MAG is a next generation brushless DC pump that replaces the original CSP-750. The new CSP-MAG pump incorporates a seal-less design with jeweled bearings for high reliability and long operating life. The CSP-MAG is very compact and operates on 12 VDC just like the original CSP-750."

Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel @ Phoronix

"Although there are many ways to build your own remote relay for your computer, whether it be from dismantling an old garage door opener or building one from scratch, today we have a rare look at one of Logisys' products thats under development. Today, we'll be sharing some of our initial thoughts regarding the Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel."

Seagate 400gb External USB Hard Disk Drive with Push Button Backup @ Club Overclocker

"Spring time is usually a slow time for the computer industry, but Unlike many major companies, Seagate has been hard at work developing new products. One of their new product lines are the push button backup external hard drives. Seagate has sent over their best external drive, the huge 400gb External USB Hard Disk Drive. Talk about major backup space!"

Imation 16x16x Internal DVD Writer @ Hardware Zone

"The Imation 16x DVD writer had some pretty good highlights like its short depth drive design, fast and precise DVD decryption and DAE, good media compatibility and write quality, but was unfortunately not without its downsides. Read on to see our views of the drive and if it warrants your attention."

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