LinkedIn Buys News Startup Newsle

LinkedIn has risen to become the replacement for the professional Black Book. It's the de facto place to find and connect with other professionals, either colleagues you work with or folks that you meet quickly at a conference. Over the years, it has expanded quite a bit, from just online resumes to job searching, messaging, news, and now, notifications about the contacts you hold dear.

The company has snapped up Newsle, which is responsible for developing software that can constantly be on the lookout for mentions of you (or folks you care about), and then notify you instantly if these names pop up in published articles around the Web. The tie-up seems completely logical. LinkedIn is great, but once you have a few hundred contacts, it's easy to lose track of following the day-to-day career movements of even your closest of comrades. Newsle's integration could, in theory, allow LinkedIn users to highlight those in their inner circle and then enable notifications about those folks from sources outside of LinkedIn.

Interestingly, Newsle will continue to operate as its own product, and no specific integration has yet to be ironed out between the new lovebirds. Still, it's clear that LinkedIn is on a mission to be a one-stop shop for everything related to your professional growth, and this acquisition certainly moves it one step closer in that direction.