Lightsabers Featured in First Gameplay Footage of 'Angry Birds Star Wars'

Love it or hate it, Rovio's Angry Birds is one of the most popular games of any mobile platform. What happens when you mash it together with Star Wars, one of the most popular movie franchises of all time? You end up with Angry Birds Star Wars, which brings a fresh new look and new gameplay to Rovio's cash cow.

Angry Birds Cantina

To give fans a glimpse of the finished product, Rovio has released a new trailer featuring the red bird as Luke and the pink bird as Princess Leia. It's the first gameplay footage of the upcoming title, complete with lightsabers, lasers, and the upbeat Cantina bar tune that's familiar to any Star Wars fan.

Gameplay mechanics are what you're used to from any of the standard Angry Birds titles, only in addition to flinging winged Jedis at complex structures, you can whip out a lightsaber to slash a column during descent or shoot at a makeshift AT-ST while soaring in mid-air.

Angry Birds Star Wars comes to a galaxy near you on November 8, 2012.