Library of Congress To Archive Every. Public. Tweet. Ever.

Oh, great. Do you remember that night where you were just a bit tipsy, and you let out a string of Tweets that you've now lived to regret? Starting soon, you can sleep knowing your great-grandchildren will be able to read every single one of them, and any attempt you make to assure them that you were never a wild child in your younger days will be in vain.

It's a world-changing thing to happen, but the Library of Congress has just announced that Twitter will enable them to archive every single public tweet ever made. Yes, every single one since the service launched in 2006. If you have your account protected, you shouldn't worry. No private tweets will be saved, but if you have your account open to the public, you can bet that anything you say will be logged for viewing in the history books.

The main purpose of this is to allow researchers to study trends and topics during major events, which is something that hasn't really been possible before Twitter gave the world an outlet to express instant views in one single place. So, you might as well go ahead and tweet your thoughts about this; it'll be read in some history book 20 years from now.