Lian Li Introduces PC-Q07 Mini-ITX Chassis

Lian Li is traditionally know for deploying big, beastly cages with lofty price tags and enough room for at least two whole computer setups. Clearly, the company is coming back in touch with its softer side, as the latest chassis to flow from its doors is one designed specifically with space savings in mind.

The PC-Q07 Mini-ITX box is ready-made for those eager to build their own small-form-factor (SFF) machine, though it's no less sturdy than every other tower in the company's fleet. The black, hairline-brushed shell is constructed entirely from aluminum and provides just enough breathing room for a Mini-ITX platform and all the requisite full sized components. It was also strategically designed to be passively cooled, with air vents placed specifically to keep things silent and cool under pressure. Measuring in at 7.59- x 11.02- x 8.18-inches, the box also features a reversible PSU bracket which gives you the power to arrange the PSU as you see fit. You'll also find a single 5.25-inch optical drive bay, one 3.5-inch HDD bay and one 2.5-inch HDD bay. All told, the case weighs just 2.42-pounds, and in case you didn't catch it already, there's enough room in here to integrate full size components, which should be a real boon for gamers and their monstrous GPUs.

Lian Li gave no indication of a price, but considering the outfit's history of selling high quality parts with high-end stickers, we'd bet that you'll be paying a premium.
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