LG’s Smart Light Bulb Talks To Your Smartphone

LG is developing smart lighting solutions. Its first release to that effect is an LED smart light bulb, and it actually sounds like a somewhat compelling product instead of some eyeroll-inducing googah for the geek elite.

The bulbs come packing Bluetooth and WiFi technology and works with devices running Android 4.3 and higher as well iOS 6.0 and newer. There are several simple but attractive features such as the ability to switch to soft lighting, generally adjust the light’s brightness, and having the light slowly come on and gently wake you in the morning instead of relying on a loud alarm clock.

LG smart lighting

There’s also a party mode wherein the light bulb will flash in time to the music, and a security mode will turn your lights on or off with a timer. For the hearing impaired, you can set up the lights to flicker when you have an incoming call on your phone.

Further, LG says that the smart lighting is quite energy efficient and can last more than 10 years even if turned on for five hours a day.