LG's Pricey LH90 HDTV Lineup Ships In US

When most people see the THX logo, they think sound. And understandably so, given that said logo is in pretty much every theater and stamped onto a slew of higher-end audio products. But, contrary to popular belief, THX can also relate to video, though apparently getting certification for your HDTV costs a pretty penny. After posting stellar results for its most recent quarter, LG Electronics has introduced its first-ever THX-Certified display in the US market, and none of the three are anywhere close to "cheap."

The LG90 series is comprised of three big-screen sets, all of which boast 1080p LED backlit LCD panels, Mega Contrast (2,000,000:1 dynamic contast ratio), and TruMotion 240Hz technology that ensures smooth motion even during fast-action sports and movie scenes. Naturally, each of the sets feature a THX Movie Mode, which acts as a one-button solution for experiencing studio color, black levels and clean signal processing. The panels also employ local dimming technology for precise automatic picture control, resulting in deeper blacks and wider color gamut, and the built-in ambient sensor keeps the set perfectly bright/dim for the amount of surrounding light. Say, why can't they build this into PC monitors?

Truth be told, they probably could, but you wouldn't want to pay the price. The LH90 is available in 55-, 47-, and 42-inch class sizes and a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,199.95, $2,399.95, and $1,899.95 respectively. In other words, these aren't the ones to look for if you're living room upgrade budget is constrained even a little. But hey, you've got to pay to play, right?
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