LG’s Lifeband Touch Breaks Cover Ahead Of CES For Fitness Freaks

Once the rumor about LG’s upcoming wearables broke, it didn’t take long for an image of one of them to emerge online. Always good for a leaked photo, Evleaks posted one of the fitness band that LG was said to be calling the “G-Health”.

It appears that the name can be scrapped, though, as the wrist-mounted fitness device will be called the LG Lifeband Touch. The photo shows a black bracelet with a small gap in the ring, which presumably allows the wearer to easily slip the device on and off. The LG logo is stamped on one tip, and there’s a green-ringed black button that will presumably be the main means of controlling the Lifeband Touch.

LG Lifeband Touch
Credit: Evleaks

We’d wager that this product will connect with your smartphone--probably your LG smartphone, specifically--and it will compete with the liked of the Nike Fuel Band and the Fitbit.

Side note: The final product probably won’t have the words “@evleaks” emblazoned upon it.
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