LG's G Flex Smartphone Bends and Contorts For Your Mobile Comms Pleasure

This isn’t exactly what we have in mind when we were thinking of a flexible curved display, but LG’s G Flex curved smartphone does indeed bend, a little. In a video shot by The Verge at an event in Korea, you can see that when a person presses down--rather hard, it seems--on the curved back of the device, it flattens out and then returns to its original shape. It also works when flipped over and the person presses down on the upturned top and bottom of the smartphone. (The Samsung Galaxy Round can’t perform such a feat.)

Although we wouldn’t call this flexibility an especially attractive feature, it does portend a promising future for flexible devices and displays.

What’s more impressive about the LG G Flex, actually, is that it has self-healing plastic back coated with a polymer film. If you scratch it, within minutes it will erase the abrasion. Additionally, the curved smartphone has a curved battery inside, which is another intriguing innovation.

LG G Flex smartphone curved display

As far as proof of concept and showing off successful implementation of new technology go, the LG G Flex is amazing, but wake us up when this tech is built into a device that we actually would want to use.