Watch LG's NASA-Inspired Coffee Machine Extract Two Pods Into A Single Cup

hero lg duobo coffee maker
LG Labs has begun promoting its Kickstarter crowdsourced funding for its Duobo coffee maker. Duobo, which resembles an Apollo 11 Moon lander, is touted as the world's first simultaneous extraction of two coffee capsules.

For all those who depend on a shot of caffeine from a cup of coffee in the morning, maximizing each cup of joe is an integral part of one's day. Many depend on a local coffee shop to provide a special blend that provides a delicious flavor along with a much-needed boost. LG's Duobo aims to provide connoisseurs of coffee flavors, and amateurs alike, with a more personalized way of brewing a morning blend of bliss.

Duobo enables a user to choose two coffee varieties, as well as select the temperature and extraction volume of each capsule. It will also automatically customize the amount of pressure needed based on the selected settings, delivering the ultimate combination of flavors.

lg duobo large screen display

The coffee maker incorporates a large visual display that automatically plays visual content while it is extracting the perfect cup of coffee from the chosen capsules. It is an IPS full HD display that provides entertainment in high-resolution, according to the Duobo Kickstarter page. The company also says it wants to deliver the ability for users to apply unique themes to the entire product, such as movement and sounds of brewing coffee, through the display of contents on the screen.

lg duobo coffee maker smartphone app

The ability to adjust the settings of one's morning brew can be done via the visual display on the device, or through a smart app on a smartphone. Once the perfect combination of flavors is achieved, users will only need to click on "extract" via the app in order to get their coffee brewing. For those that like a rigid routine, Duobo can also be set to make a cup of inspiration and energy at a set time each day.

Anyone who would like to get in on the Kickstarter campaign for Duobo can do so by pledging as little as $399, which includes one Duobo at 50% off and the smartphone app, and up to $2,245, which includes five coffee makers at 44% off and the smartphone app. At the time of this writing, $106,428 has been pledged, which is far and above the goal of $5,000.