LG's Artistic Masterpiece: The 55-inch "Gallery" Flat OLED HDTV

A work of art? You may mistake it as one, and according to LG, that's precisely the point. The company's latest HDTV is a real stunner, and with a name like "Gallery," it's clear that this one is meant to blend into your wall -- not stick out on it. The 55EA8800 Gallery OLED TV is launching this week at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, Germany, featuring a thin, understated frame that actually includes a Canvas Speaker that you'll be hard-pressed to even spot.

It's a 2.2-channel system that's disguised within a faux art mat. In keeping with the artistic theme, Gallery Mode enables the user to view high-resolution digital images of paintings by legendary artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Gallery Mode also makes it possible to watch a slide show of one's favorite personal or family photos. On the specs side, the unit employs LG's proprietary WRGB technology, which incorporates an additional white sub-pixel, for even more precise renderings of images.

Unfortunately, pricing information is being withheld, but we're hoping it's not priced like something that'd be hung up in the Louvre.
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