LG To Release Wearable Product, Rumored To Be G-Arch Smartwatch And G-Health Fitness Tracker

In a report noting that LG is planning to roll out fingerprint recognition technology for the G3 smartphone, the Korean Herald also said that the company has a couple of wearable computing products in the pipeline, too.

Specifically, the report states that LG is developing the G-Arch smartwatch and the G-Health fitness wristband, and like the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch (pictured, inset), the devices will supposedly only sync with certain devices--in this case, the LG G3.

LG's wearables should pair with the LG G3, successor to the LG G2 (pictured, review here)

LG has confirmed that at least one wearable device is in the offing, although it has not offered any further commentary on the rumors.

It would make sense for LG to enter the wearable computing market, as so many of its competitors in the mobile market are there already. The company is expected to reveal more at the Mobile World Congress in February.