LG To Deliver Moorestown-Based 3G MID

Although a Mobile Internet Device isn't technically a cellphone, we'll let Intel and LG slide with its MID-related announcement at Mobile World Congress. The two have come together to jointly announce a future MID -- which we were sort of expecting --  based on Intel's next-generation MID hardware platform, codenamed "Moorestown." In fact, LG expects the Linux-based (Moblin v2.0) device to be one of the first Moorestown designs to market.

According to Jung Jun Lee, executive vice president of LG Electronics and head of its Mobile Communications Business Division: "The MID segment will drive growth at LG Electronics. We chose Intel's next-generation Moorestown platform and Moblin-based OS to pursue this segment because of the high performance and Internet compatibility this brings to our service provider customers. Our efforts are well on track and we look forward to bringing the MID to market."

Apparently, LG's successful launch of an Atom-based netbook pushed to two to collaborate further. We're told that Intel's Moorestown-based MIDs are expected to reduce idle power consumption by a factor of greater than 10 versus today's Intel Atom processor-based MIDs, and the Moblin v2.0 software is designed specifically to deliver a "great PC-like Internet experience while also supporting cellphone voice capabilities." As if that wasn't enough, LG has also announced that it has tapped Ericsson in order to integrate 3G WWAN into the device, though all other specifications remain a mystery. Oh, and given that the Moorestown platform isn't expected to hit the market until 2010, you probably shouldn't bank on getting one of these for Christmas.
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