LG Teases World's First f/1.6 Smartphone Camera On Its Upcoming V30 Flagship

LG's upcoming V30 flagship smartphone looks to offer a lot of what people want, and the company has been releasing bits and pieces of information over time to help whet our appetites. Last week, we learned that the phone will sport a 6-inch OLED display with curved bezels and a resolution of 2880x1440. Today, we learn a bit more about its camera.

LG V20

If you asked a room full of people what feature they'd want to see improved on their phone, chances are many would say "the camera", even if they have one of the top options available. People simply want better, clearer photos, and with its dual camera V30, LG promises to deliver them.

LG V30 Camera Differences

The V30 will mark the first smartphone with a f/1.6 lens, allowing more light in than any other. That might not sound like that big of a stretch from f/1.8, like some top-end phones have, so you may be surprised to learn that f/1.6 lets in 25% more light than f/1.8. The more light that's able to hit the sensor, the quicker the shutter can be, resulting in crisper images in general, and an easier time taking photos in dark situations.

What's not entirely clear is whether or not both of the cameras in this module sport the f/1.6 lens, so the verdict is still out on that, but it's expected that the company will be taking advantage of the IFA conference in Berlin at the end of the month to unveil the rest of the phone to the world. It seems likely that we'll soon see more details leading up to the event, seeing as LG seems to be having fun giving us a good tease.