LG Teases Round-Faced Android Wear Smartwatch Competitor To Moto 360

We're early on in the smartwatch revolution, and the first editions are proof of that. While Dick Tracy was onto something, the idea of a rectangular smartwatch in 2014 just feels a little... square. With Motorola's 360 watch securing most of the oohs and ahhs at Google I/O this year, it was just a matter of time before its primary rivals issued rounded smartwatches of their own. With IFA just around the bend, it appears that LG is on deck to reveal a circular smartwatch of its very own.

With Android Wear clearly suitable for round displays, the LG G Watch R (as it's being dubbed for now) will be formally unveiled in Berlin next month. IFA is effectively the CES of Europe, with a number of prestigious companies showing up to reveal flagships for the next couple of quarters. As for the G Watch R (presumably, that "R" is for "round"), most of the specifications are being kept under wraps.

The promo video that has surfaced ahead of IFA showcases a classy, sleek device, but the big questions remain: pricing, ship date, speed, and battery life. Hopefully we'll have those holes filled in the next week or so.
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