LG Shows It Can Make Full HD Smartphone Displays With Almost No Bezel

You've probably noticed that smartphones aren't getting any smaller these days (even Apple caved to the craze with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), though one way handset makers can offer bigger size displays without adding to the physical bulk of the smartphone itself is by reducing the bezel. There aren't many smartphones that sport tiny bezels, though LG's display division just introduced a 5.3-inch Full HD LCD panel for smartphones with the world's narrowest bezel at 0.7mm.

To put that into perspective, the 0.7mm is a hair narrower than the 0.8mm thickness of a typical credit card, LG says. In order to reduce the bezel by such an extreme on both sides, LG tapped into its "Neo Edge" module processing technology coupled with that it claims is the world's first "Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)" technology.

LG Display Bezel

What's behind all that fancy talk? The company's Neo Edge technology makes use of adhesive rather than double-sided tape to attach and seal the total area of the edges of the panel's circuit board and backlight unit. In doing so, LG can minimize the bezel width while still blocking light from leaking out. The design is even waterproof and dustproof. And as a bonus, LG says the adhesive seal can prevent corrosion that sometimes occurs on the edge of the glass panel when using double-sided tape.

As for LG's AIT technology, it basically means the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module, resulting in a slim design with excellent touch support.

LG says it will begin mass producing its new displays next month. They'll show up on smartphones in China before anywhere else.
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