LG Slashes Prices On B8 OLED 55- And 65-inch TVs For A Limited Time

Football fans know that the biggest game of the year is right around the corner. Many fans are looking to get a bigger screen in their living room to enjoy the game, and TV makers are offering up big discounts. Yesterday we mentioned a big sale on TCL 4K Roku smart TVs over at Amazon. If you have the budget for something fancier, LG has announced significant price cuts on its B8 series OLED TV models that offer up to $1,000 off the normal retail price.

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LG is offering two models with big discounts, the 55-inch B8 initially sold for $2,299.99 and with the discount for the big game the TV can be had for $1,499.99. If you want a larger screen, the 65-inch B8 that initially sold for $3,299.99 is now available for $2,299.99. Perhaps the best news about the official LG price cuts is that you can get the discounted prices at multiple authorized LG retailers. Authorized retailers for the TVs can be found here, but include Amazon, Dell, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and many other locations.

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One catch is that these TVs could both be found for less than the official MSRP online already meaning that the discounts at most retailers aren't nearly as large as $1,000. Amazon, for instance, was offering the 55-inch B8 OLED TV for $1,699 meaning the new $1,496.99 price that Amazon lists is a $202.01 discount off its regular price.

The big difference between an OLED TV and standard LCD sets comes in the increased black levels and greater detail in dark areas along with the lack of light bleed. Both screen sizes support 4K Ultra HD and can render over 1 billion colors. The TVs feature support for all major HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. LG's B8 series includes AI ThinQ tech and features integrated Google Assistant and supports Amazon Alexa devices. 

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