LG's IFA Invite Teases New Dual-Screen Flagship Smartphone Launching Soon

Next month marks the kickoff for IFA 2019 in Germany. The show opens on September 6, and ahead of the show, LG has debuted a video invite for an event that indicates it will be showing off some new products. The teaser video starts with an 8-bit style video game running on a single screen smartphone form factor.

lg camera game single

If we are to assume anything about the form factor of the device being shown off from the video, which could be a version of the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone, it would appear that the bezels are thin and there is no notch. The biggest feature of the smartphone in the video is a second screen that folds out, offering twice the screen space.

The video shows a game that has a head moving through a maze and picking up powerups that include a camera and a video game controller. The icons in the game may be a hint that the second fold-out screen has functionality that ties into both gaming and photography. The dual-screen device then shows the head entering into the second screen for navigating to a destination.

lg outside screen

While the LG V50 ThinQ 5G has been seen before, along with its attachment for adding a second screen, the teaser does show something interesting. The teaser video shows that there is a smaller screen on the outside of the smartphone that has the date and time. The video closes with the outside screen of the device showing a time of 10:00 and a date of Friday, September 6, 2019, and asking viewers to save the date. That time and date is when the LG keynote at IFA 2019 will happen.