LG Teases Gesture Control Smartphone Interface As It Says 'Goodbye Touch'

LG Touch
In just a few weeks, this year's annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) will be upon us, and we are expecting several product announcements. Ahead of the event, LG is interestingly teasing gesture controls as it quite literally waves goodbye to touch in a short video. LG also says we are going to be "stunned."

"Are you prepared to get stunned by the LG Premier at the MWC 2019? Stay tuned!," the video's description reads.

LG also links to its LG Mobile Facebook page and Instagram account, though neither one offers up any additional information. If you want to be one of the first to know what's going on, though, it would be worth following one or the other.

One thing that is interesting about the teaser is the call out to "LG Premier." It is possible that LG just let us know what its upcoming, gesture control-based smartphone will be called, though if it does go that route, we suspect the actual name will be a little longer—LG Premier Gesture (or something that sounds sexier). There already exists an LG Premier handset, and it's an older mid-range phone.

Despite LG saying goodbye to touch, we'd be surprised it its next phone did away with touch controls completely. it is far more likely that gesture controls would be an additional feature, and not a replacement one.

Will it actually be useful, though? We're not sure there is a legion of users who have been clamoring for gesture controls on a smartphone, though it could come in handy in some situations. For example, if you're chowing down on hot wings, you don't want to swipe your messy fingers on your handset and smear buffalo sauce all over it.

There are other use-case scenarios as well, which LG will undoubtedly tout at MWC.