LG G4 Note Drops Its Robe In Leaked Shots, Sports Aluminum Body And Stylus

Try not to confuse the Note 4 with the G4 Note. The former is Samsung's flagship phablet, while the latter is LG's answer, or at least it will be once it comes out later this year. In the meantime, an XDA Developer forum member who claims to be an employee of T-Mobile has posted several purported pictures of LG's forthcoming G4 Note.

While the device is not yet formally announced, LG boss Jun-Ho Cho did say at a press meeting that his company was planning to unveil the flagship smartphone during the second quarter, along with a separate high-end product sometime in the second half of the year. More details are to follow, but for now, the leaked images reveal a few facts about the G4 Note, assuming they're legit photos.

LG G4 Note

It's been rumored that LG is planning to run with aluminum body devices from now on, especially after seeing the success Samsung is having with its recently released Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices, and of course Apple has done well with its iPhone line. The leaked G4 Note photos give credence to those rumors, as they show a metal chassis with a brushed aluminum finish on the backside.

You an also see a stylus, which is another rumor associated with LG. Back in December, the South Korean handset maker filed for an "LG G Pen" patent, and here we are staring at one in photos of the G4 Note.

What's not so easy to make out is the screen size. Is it 5.3 inches as rumored? Difficult to say, though it definitely appears plausible. If it's not 5.3 inches, it's in the neighborhood. What we can see, however, is that it's running Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop).