LG Focused on Smartphones, Places Tablet Development on "Back Burner"

Even though tablets are red hot right now, interest in that segment by LG Electronics has grown lukewarm. Going forward, LG will shift its focus away from tablets and concentrate on other mobile devices,perhaps taking another look at slates sometime down the line.

LG told Bloomberg in an email that it has "decided to put all new tablet development on the back burner for the time being in order to focus on smartphones." Driving the point home, LG also stated that it "doesn't see [Microsoft's] Surface competing with anything we're focusing on at the moment."

Rather than spread its resources thin, LG has decided to put tablet development on the "back burner" and stick with what it knows best (smartphones).

Even though the tablet market is growing in popularity, this might not be a bad move by LG, especially if it's unable to compete with aggressive price points set forth by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even Google, the latter of which is expected to announce a $199 7-inch Nexus tablet at Google I/O next week.

As Bloomberg notes, LG was the third largest handset maker last year, so it's obviously a market segment it's capable of competing in.