LG Electronics CEO Allegedly Orders G7 Flagship Smartphone Redesign

If you were hoping for an early launch for LG's next generation G7 flagship, you may be waiting quite a bit longer. The LG G6 launched on February 26th, 2017, and its successor was tipped to launch around the same time this year at Mobile World Congress 2018.

However, a new report from The Investor suggests that Jo Seong-jin, who serves as Vice Chairman and CEO of LG Electronics, has ordered a complete review of work that has already been completed on the G7, and that the design should be reworked from scratch.

LG G6 In Hand In Rain

“Right after the vice chairman made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, a direct order was sent down to the working-level officials to start over,” said one LG executive that wished to remain anonymous. “A new decision on a possible launch date will be released around the Lunar New Year holiday next month."

The original plan, according to leaked documents, was for the G7 and G7 Plus to be unveiled next month, with a global launch set for March. However, the "rethink" of the G7 program could push the official unveil of the smartphones until April.

At first glance, it doesn't seem like a lot of time to do a complete redesign of the G7 -- especially for such a large, lumbering behemoth corporation like LG. However, it's highly likely that many design elements -- like the circuit board and battery -- won't need to be changed, allowing the engineers the to focus squarely on the exterior design of the device.

With that said, the LG G7 is likely to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with at least 4GB of RAM onboard. We should also expect anywhere from 64GB to 128GB of internal storage and a focus on minimal display bezels (which is the current trend for smartphone flagships).