LG Display Touts World's Most Energy Efficient LCD TV

Size matters, sure, but so does power efficiency. It's becoming an increasingly important thing this day and age, with power constraints becoming all the more evident and efficiency numbers becoming just as important as diagonal inches, resolution specifications or asking price. LG Display is taking note, and this week they're unveiling a set that they're calling the world's most energy efficient. The company's 47" HD LCD panel offers up vertical single side LED backlight technology, which promises maximum brightness while consuming less electricity than other LCD TV panels over 40 inches in size and even normal PC monitors over 20 inches in size.

The newly developed LCD panel achieves the world’s lowest power consumption rate among large LCD panels by dramatically reducing the number of LED lamps used while maintaining a high level of brightness. To reduce the quantity of LED bulbs used, LG Display introduced its own backlight technology in which LED lamps are attached vertically to a single side of the panel, a world first for such technology.

Despite its large size, the 47-inch LCD panel uses only 28W, less than the power consumption of most 20-inch PC monitors which use between 30~50W. The LCD panel also delivers 400 Nits of brightness suitable for HD TVs through a three-film structure which helps focus and diffuse light, together with Local Dimming Technology and energy efficient LED bulbs. We're still waiting to hear about a price, but hey, maybe a tax credit is in order?