LG Display To Produce 23" LCD With 1080p And 3D Support

Out with the rumors, in with reality. LG Display has just announced that it will be grabbing this whole 3D revolution by the horns, and if you have any doubts, we'd say that its intentions to produce the world's first commercial launch of a 3D LCD panel with a Full HD resolution should be them to rest. In the past, we've seen both 3D HDTVs and monitors that support 1080p, but rarely have the two smashed together outside of a trade show floor. In other words, the technology was there, but no major TV maker has figured out a cost-effective way to bring 1080p 3D LCD screens to the mass market. Until LG Display, obviously.

The company's first to fit the aforementioned description will be a 23" display with a picture quality that is said to be nearly twice as crisp as the HD 3D displays currently on the market. The display will sport a high-performance 3D controller, which is supposedly capable of "processing more than twice as much image data as other HD 3D LCDs," and it will also be able to reproduce 2D images for when you're watching events other than the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

We know this set seems a bit ahead of its time, and frankly, it is. There is barely any 3D content out there right now, let along 1080p 3D content. That said, a number of companies are already working hard on a 3D Blu-ray format, and if that gets traction, we could see future hits such as "Up" and "Avatar" hit the small screen (that's your HDTV, in case you're not really with us) with a 1080p video track that supports 3D. There's no direct mention of a price or release date, but now that it has come forward with this promise, we suspect it'll push it out relatively soon. Or at least we hope.
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