LG Display Reveals 5" Mobile LCD With Stunning 1080p Resolution, 440ppi

Apple's Retina display is impressive, no doubt, but there's a new contender in the mix as of this week. LG Display has come out of nowhere and introduced a five-inch Full HD LCD panel for smartphones. That's right: a 1080p display, meant for phones. The company's Optimus Vu has shown that it isn't afraid to produce a "phablet," and it looks like LG is now in a position to offer up a Galaxy Note competitor with an insanely dense display. It's obviously the highest resolution smartphone panel to date, offering the same pixel count as your 65-inch HDTV.

It's based on AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) technology, so the viewing angles are sure to be pin sharp. And it also touts 440ppi (that's wildly high, by the way) and a 1920x1080 resolution. It's produced with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and it said to be 0.5 inches larger, 2.2 times denser in pixels, and 1.3 times more advanced in ppi than the preceding 4.5” panel at 329ppi and 1280x720. The 5” Full HD LCD panel from LG Display is expected to be released during the second half of this year, but there's no word on when it'll hit devices. Hopefully by the holidays (or sooner)!