LG Bets Big on Google TV, Announces Product Lineup for 2013

Certainly, the Google TV platform has promise, but like a lot of intriguing projects, this one has needed more hardware makers to jump on board. The latest to get into the game wholeheartedly is LG, which announced its lineup of Google TV products for 2013.

It appears that the Korean company will roll out 42-, 47-, 50-, 55-, and 60-inch TVs running Google TV, and they should have the sleek look of bezel-less displays and striking stands. Unfortunately, the release didn’t include much more detail than that, focusing instead on the many features the TVs will offer thanks to Google TV 3.0.

LG Google TV

Fortunately, that’s a lot of juicy stuff. The latest version of Google TV incorporates voice search, OnLive cloud gaming (obviating the need for a console), instant and on demand entertainment, the Magic Remote for gesture control, LG apps, and more.
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