Leopard On The Eee PC

While HH takes a firm stance against piracy and EULA-violations, we are extremely impressed that somebody managed to get OS X 10.5 working on a brand new ASUS Eee PC.  Strangely enough, the biggest technical roadblock seems to be getting Leopard to run happily on a CPU that doesn't support SSE3.

Leopard runs a bit sluggishly on the Eee, but some users have reported that Tiger runs well

“...For those worried that they will destroy their eeePC - You shouldn’t. Aseus encourages you to install Windows, which requires you to destroy the default Linux setup. They created an awesome bootable restore DVD which you can use restore the machine to factory settings at anytime. Just like brand new.

The eeePC is really a great hobbiest computer.”

We can't argue with that last statement.  When it came time to return our demo unit to ASUS, it was a very solemn day here in the HH offices.  In retrospect, many editors here still agree that we should have claimed the dog ate our test unit.
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