Lenovo's N5902 Multimedia Remote Gains Backlit Keyboard

Looks like Lenovo's toying with new ways to get you typing. The company has just introduced the new N5902. That's not telling you much, but the photo below just might. It's a unique, portable keyboard, but it's actually much more than just that. It's a "multimedia remote," complete with L/R click buttons, a keyboard and even a trackball mouse cursor pad so you can actually move a cursor on-screen if you're connected to an HTPC. This is actually an update to an earlier model, but the matte finish on this one is way more understated that the unit it replaces.

There's even backlit keys now, which makes loads of sense for those who want to use this as a HTPC remote with the lights down low. For movies, not anything risque. Just movies. Whatever you're thinking of, you can grab one now for $52.