Lenovo Z5 Bezel-Less Android Flagship Makes Global Debut On June 5th

lenovo z5
We already know that Lenovo has a tasty new Android flagship on the way called the Lenovo Z5. However, we're learning this week that the bezel-less smartphone will make its official debut on June 5th.

The official unveil, which will take place in China, was announced via the Chinese social networking platform Weibo. The headlining feature of the Z5 will no doubt be its display, which Lenovo claims will have an amazing 95 percent screen-to-body ratio. The display will not have an unsightly notch in the top center, as we've seen with the iPhone X and a growing number of Android smartphones. Instead, the display will be completely unbroken and will cover nearly the entire front of the smartphone.

Lenovo Z5 Display

That means that Lenovo will either have to adopt a rear-mounted fingerprint reader or newer in-display technology from companies like Synaptics (which also means that the Z5 would need to employ OLED tech). There is no word on how Lenovo will handle the earpiece speaker and front-facing selfie camera.

Lenovo VP Chang Cheng recently revealed that the Z5 will incorporate dual cameras on the back, which will feature artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements. Two sample images taken when the Z5's cameras can be seen below:

lenovo z5 ai camera 2

lenovo z5 ai camera 1

One other tidbit of information that we've learned about the Z5 -- again from Cheng -- is that the smartphone will be able to last up to 45 days on standby mode. Other specifications are just mere speculation at this point, but don't be surprised to see at least 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor headlining the show.  

The Lenovo Z5, however, won't be the only new Android flagship touting a true bezel-less design. Vivo will release a production version of its Apex smartphone concept.

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