Lenovo Yoga Tablet To Ship In Two Editions: Windows 8 and Windows RT

Outside of Microsoft's own Surface, Lenovo's transforming Yoga device may be the most interesting Windows 8 portable to surface. It's a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid that aims to be everything to everyone who may be considering either form factor, but according to ABC News, it may end up arriving with more than one operating system. The Yoga is "officially" scheduled to ship with Windows 8 -- as in, the full Windows 8 that will also ship on the ThinkPad Tablet 2.

It's expected to ship alongside Windows 8 in late October, but the new nugget is that there will be two versions of the Yoga. One will have an Intel processor, and that one will run the full edition of Win8. The other will use an ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra processor, and that one will run Windows RT. Reportedly, the ARM-based unit will have "double the battery life of the Intel version," which could make it highly attractive for road warriors and those who can't ever seen to find enough wall outlets.

Of course, it may be tricky for Lenovo to explain to consumers which system is best for them. While Windows on ARM sounds great in theory, having two different operating systems with different capability levels may lead to confusion.