Lenovo Tricks Mall Shoppers In Hidden Camera Prank Promoting Yoga 3 Laptop, MacBooks Get Destroyed

Never take a broken product from a stranger, even that stranger appears to be an employee in a kiosk at your local mall. Shoppers who fell for a prank intended to promote the Lenovo's Yoga 3 laptop (our full review) learned that lesson the hard way when a fake employee 'accidentally' breaks what appears to be a MacBook Air to show that it doesn't bend like the Yoga 3, and then takes off running.

It's a hidden video camera campaign created in partnership with agency DigitasLBI, UCB Comedy, and online comedy network Above Average. The goal is to introduce the Lenovo brand and Yoga 3 laptop to a Millennial audience that might not be as receptive to traditional advertising.

Lenovo Prank Ad

In the video, UCB members pose as employees of Lenovo hired to demonstrate the Yoga 3's hinged design. A worker stops passersby one at a time to show them how flexible Lenovo's laptop is.

"What makes this laptop special, among many things, is that it bends. Yoga, you get it," the employee says. "Try and do that with a Mac."

The fake employee then picks up a MacBook Air and bends it backwards, thereby snapping it in half. He acts astonished at the seeming accident and asks the passerby to hold the broken MacBook Air for a moment, after which he hightails it out of there.

That's when another UCB member shows up claiming he's the only one working at the kiosk, negating the passerby's story that another worker broke the laptop and took off. He calls security over, and after letting the stunned shopper sweat for a moment, lets them in on the gag by pointing out the hidden cameras.

It's pretty funny to watch the whole thing unfold, though YouTube commenters are so far mostly focusing on the Lenovo versus Apple aspect.

"I'd still take the MacBook any day over some rookie Lenovo or something like that," someone commented, apparently unaware that Lenovo is the world's top supplier of PCs.