Lenovo To Reveal IdeaPad S110 "Mini Notebook" With Atom 2600

Is the netbook poised to make a return at CES? Hard to say at this point, but Lenovo's evidently planning to keep their lively IdeaPad range buzzing with an S110 model. The company has just released a teaser video of the IdeaPad S110, which promises to ship in four colors, include Wi-Fi / 3G buil-in, and include one of those zippy new Atom processors that Intel just unveiled earlier in the week. It's being called a "mini notebook," boasting a 10.1" display, 2MP webcam, 1080p support, USB 3.0 and a 98% full-size keyboard. Odd; a year ago, a 10.1" panel would've been a netbook. Perhaps Lenovo's trying to avoid the term? We'll be looking for more come CES.