Lenovo Reveals LS2221 And LS2421p LCD Monitors

It's got to be hard being a company like Lenovo. Pumping out notebooks, laptops, desktops, and even monitors. Lots to keep track of, and lots of people to impress. Sounds like a modern-day celebrity, but in fact it's a technology company. In a bid to toss a bone in the direction of Lenovo's lucrative business partners, the company has just revealed a new monitor series that's tuned for small biz. It's the "LS" series, and it's designed to complement the company's ThinkCentre Edge desktop line.

The 21.5-inch LS2221 wide and 23.6-inch LS2421p wide monitors are the ones being revealed, and not coincidentally, the company also used this opportunity to reveal the Edge 71 desktop -- one that'd go perfectly with these LCDs. The LS2221 wide comes with VGA and DVI connections for displaying digital video, while the LS2421p wide offers greater functionality with VGA and HDMI outputs, a four-USB port hub and up to 300 brightness level. Additionally, the monitors are equipped with capacitive touch buttons for a clean and minimalist appearance, tilt stand, modern, slim bezel design and the same three year warranty available on the premium ThinkVision monitors.

  Pricing for the Lenovo LS2221 wide is $229 and the LS2421p is $299.99.