Lenovo Reportedly About To Enter Game Console Market

Wait, what? Can it be true? Is Lenovo really about to enter the same market as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo? Well, sort of. A new China Daily report has found that Lenovo, the company responsible for the ThinkPad and IdeaPad notebook lines, is about to expand their horizons. Really expand them. Reportedly, the world's number four PC maker has already setup a unit devoted to developing a video game console for the Chinese gaming market. Not as many consoles are battling over there, but both Microsoft and Sony definitely rely on China for some of their overall game sales.

The report states that around 40 Lenovo software engineers have already been "spun off from the company to work for Beijing eedoo Technology, which will be tasked with developing and marketing the 'eBox' game console." Neither Lenovo nor eedoo are opening up for comments, but this wouldn't be the first time Lenovo did something out of the o Lenovo's accustomed to dealing with the region. And if it's successful there, who knows -- maybe kids across North America will be asking for a Lenovo console for Christmas, rather than Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft.