Lenovo N20p Touch Screen Chromebook Review

Chromebooks seem to have found their place in the market, especially in the education segment, and shipments have increased significantly. The latest statistics show Chromebook shipments jumped 67 percent in the most recent quarter and are on track to double compared to last year. Now that Intel and Google have joined forces to further the Chromebook platform, companies such as Lenovo (and others) are expanding their Chromebook offerings.

Lenovo’s N20 and N20p Chromebooks are the company's first Chromebooks targeting consumers (previous Lenovo Chromebook models are geared toward the education sector). The N20 gives users all of the features and the thin and light form factor one would expect from a Chromebook while the N20p takes things a step further by adding a multimode design that gives users the ability to use it in Laptop and Stand modes, which can be handy to show off the N20p Chromebook’s touchscreen display...

Lenovo N20p Chromebook Review